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Upcoming Events

All Airborne Battalion is busy all over the world and we want you to be involved.
Check out our upcoming events and make plans to participate. 

17-19 May 2024

Temple Airshow

Join us as we jump in at the 76th annual Draughon-Miller Air Show

All airborne battalion living the legacy jumping for communities all over the country
All airborne battalion remembering the past by living the legacy

01-10 June 2024

Operation Neptune

Normandy, France

Journey with us as we lead tours, engagements and attend various ceremonies to commemorate 80 years since the Day of Days.

11-18 September 2024

The Battle of Peleliu Tour, Operation Stalemate II

Peleliu Island

Peleliu 80th Anniversary Events Palau Islands Western Pacific. We will be using Valor Tours for this trip and our Tour Guide is our own BOD member Scott Freund. This is going to be an incredible trip to explore an island battlefield, one of the bloodiest battles for the US Marine Corp in World War II. If you are a diver there is an opportunity to dive in the area also. Tour Brochure 

All airborne battalion remembering the history of what came before us and living the legacy
Never forget the ones who came before you.  Live the legacy, all airborne battalion

16-23 September 2024

Operation Market Garden 80 

We will be in the Netherlands for Operation Market Garden 80 hosted by Parachute Group Holland. Details will be provided by PGH

3-6 October 2024

Operation Stands Alone Together

Toccoa, GA

Come join us for a jump into Currahee Military Weekend, and run "3 miles up and 3 miles down" at Currahee Mountain.

all airborne battalion living the legacy in Georgia
All airborne battalion performing for communities across the country living the legacy

8-10 November 2024

Operation Ruptured Duck II

Culpepper, VA

Come join us for Operation Ruptured Duck II at Old House Vineyards.

Past Events

Operation Firefly - Pendleton, Oregon - April 10-14, 2024
Operation Living the Legacy 1 - Toccoa, Georgia - March 24-31, 2024
Operation Beyond the Call - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - December 2-8, 2023
Operation Ruptured Duck - Culpepper, Virginia - November 10-11, 2023
Currahee Military Weekend - Toccoa, Georgia - October 5-8, 2023
Operation Market Garden with Parachute Group Holland - September 13-18, 2023
Operation McBride - Conneaut , Ohio - August 17-20, 2023
Operation Currahee 2023 - Toccoa, Georgia - July 7-10, 2023

all airborne battalion
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